I was born in September, 1980, in a small town called Fort St. John and grew up in a home raised by a single mom, and one sister. Back in the good old days, we were forced to use our imagination, rather than video games to fill our time. With mom working full time, I had to keep myself occupied. This led to track and field interests early in grade school, followed by basketball, baseball, and soccer. Junior High came, and music lessons commanded by my mother filled a large portion of my time. However, I managed to still develop an interest in anything that gave me an adrenaline rush. I got into everything; rollerblading, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and many others. These led to broken bones, sprains, strains, and lacerations. I also graduated from dirt bikes to street bikes. Which, I still enjoy to this day.

I believe my first day in the gym was March 4th 1996, 15 years old; I was dying to move the medical weigh scale past the 100lbs. My gym idol, mentor, life coach, heavy metal band member, and good friend Tomm took me to the gym. I had pestered him often trying to determine how he got so “big”. Tomm took me, and another friend under his wing. Taught us how to work out and consume “Rocky style” drinks that consisted of horrible chalk protein type powders, raw eggs, ice-cream and jams. This continued on as no more than a hobby. I did not get serious about working out, til after a horrible dirt bike accident that left my foot severely damaged. My gym at the time was putting on its first bodybuilding show in 2002. Jeni, the owner, asked me to compete. At this point, I was on crutches, hadn’t walked in 5 months, and weighed roughly 160lbs. With the support of my own willpower, Tomm, Jeni, friends and family, and reading every bodybuilding magazine I could get my hands on, I was able to compete. I won first place and had gained over 20lbs of muscle for the show. I was hooked from that first show!


Furthering my education, I grew my limited knowledge in health and fitness, by getting a Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition. I wanted to improve my knowledge to perform better in bodybuilding competitions. From 2002-2015 I competed in ten shows, wins ranging top five to first place. I also receive first at the provincial level. As time passed, my physique grew more and more impressive. With this also came others asking me for help regarding their health and fitness. I gladly accepted every request, as seeing people reach their goals, made me happy. It’s a great feeling to be approached by someone, as they look to you for an answer. One day I got a phone call to see if I would be interested in a position at a new, personal training studio. It took some convincing, but I accepted. Working as a full time trainer really grew on me. I love seeing people’s improvements and accomplishments. It is a job that excites me each and every day.

Today, I am full time trainer, owning and managing my own personal studio. This has been a goal of mine for many years and I can proudly say, now a reality. Quite simply, the reason I opened my own studio and train full time is because I love helping people. I love being a supporter and contributor in others accomplishments, and life changing successes.

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Why Justin Rille As Your Coach?

How am I different from many other personal trainers?

I am addicted to continual learning, keeping up with the ever changing new information in the health and fitness world. My training utilizes up to date evidence based research. I am passionate about all aspects of personal training, fitness, and nutrition. I live the lifestyle that I encourage others to have, “I live what I teach”. I am an outgoing person who enjoys getting to know others. Some may even say I am outspoken at times when it comes to fitness and nutrition, but like I said earlier, “I am passionate”.

Correct form and function of the body are essential. Sadly, today in many of the new “exercise fads” this is not being made a priority. Proper form ensures that an exercise has its desired effect, decreases the chance of injury, and utilizes the body to its full potential. It is NOT enough for a person to just “do” the exercises. I am a perfectionist with an eye for details when it comes to form and I enjoying teaching others how to do so.

I am extremely reliable. I am organized to a fault. I am always prepared. The needs of my clients are always priority. I make myself available to clients throughout the day for communication. As with any important aspect of life, people are going to have concerns and questions. I pride myself in my fast response times.

Along with great organization, comes my “neat freak side”. The studio is one of, if not the most clean.

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