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I have been writing workout programs for all type of athletes, from MMA fighters, hockey players, bodybuilders, figure/fitness competitors, to arm chair quarterbacks. From people who want to just get in better shape to keep up with their kids, to people with specific goals. Creating a custom plan, that fits their lifestyle. Filling out my assessment, I get all the details I need from you, to make something work and proceed to give you a detail work out plan.

"Meal Plans" do not have a high success rate. That is where weekly coaching and manageable changes come into play. Clients to check in once a week via email, giving numbers required, progress pictures, (usually monthly) and level of adherence to the program. I take that weekly info and make small changes that are easy to adapt too, creating long term habits.

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Coaching Consists Of

  • Unlimited email support – You may ask as many questions as you need and I will get back to you the best I can. Either explaining the material, giving you articles to read/review or videos to assist with the answer
  • Customized macro plan (calories) – You will be given the daily totals for calories and macros (protein, carbs and fats) to eat. Portions may be broken up into meals if need be.
  • Customized training plan(Programming) – If purchased, you will get a training program custom to your needs and resources. There will be allowed 3 exercises per week to be videoed for form checks and feedback.
  • Weekly email check-ins – You will be required to check in once a week at minimum, to evaluate progress and make any necessary changes to stay on track.
  • Access to private FB group – You will have access to my client group on FB to help with motivation, post any questions you may have, or talk about health and fitness related things.